Develop Freedom To Operate Blakk Rasta To Prospective Employers


SINCE open radio presenter Blakk Rasta exited Zylofon FM in 12 , recently, he has had a variety of good offers from radio stations but he's had to turn them down because he can feel he would not have the freedom to operate.

Following deliberations with the radio stations that want to breeze him up within their fold, he understands he has no plans of changing his freedom to work just how they wants for even the mouth-watering offers coming his way.

Speaking in an interview with Image Showbiz, Blakk Rasta said “the previous thing I need is distraction from my employers. I have to free my mind on any issue minus the restrictions.

“I acquired the liberty to free my brain for four years at Zylofon FM, thus any infections from my new employers is not going to allow me to performance well.

"I would my checks at all the areas who have reached out there to me and i also learned it just won’t work for me”, he said.

According to Blakk Rasta, he has built his collection to a standard where he will not want anyone to carry it down.

“For years now, Blakk Rasta has recently been very regular with whatever he truly does. I speak my mind on issues and it brings results. I do it without anxiety or favour and because I will be not a bootlicker, everyone loves what My partner and i do.

"No one can say that individual given myself money to keep quiet and thanks to this, My partner and i go all out there on issues annoying Ghanaians.

“ An individual see, Blakk Rasta has never removed on leave or taken a break up before. I work from January to December. I even work with holidays and that should notify anyone how zealous and serious My partner and i am when it comes to radio” he said.

Just before moving to Zylofon FM, Blakk Rasta said any broadcast station willing to work with him or her must be ready to give him or her a car, pay him a regular monthly salary of Gh¢10, 000 among other conditions of service which he received from Zylofon Multimedia.

Now Blakk Rasta has gone some notches higher. They are asking his next employers to pay him more than Gh¢10, 000 a month as they is worth it.

“I work whole-heartedly and the Blakk Rasta brand’s has grown bigger and has moved upwards.

"So any broadcast station that wishes to work with me must be able to pay me more than Gh¢10, 000 in addition to other benefits and most important of all also produce the freedom to operate”, he said.

Mentioning to other things, Blakk Rasta, who is currently working his Taxi Drivers show on Baking pan African TV and on Youtube, said he had strategies to ascertain his own radio and TV SET station.

“It is my want to create my own broadcast and television set stop and I know it could happen no matter how much time it takes” he explained.

Kafui Chordz Ultimately Releases ‘Daffodils’ Project

Singer-songwriter Kafui Chordz has today, The spring 22, gifted the world yet another embodiment of skill, an album named Daffodils.

She had taken to her cultural media handles to announce the launch of what represents her second facility album, by revealing its track-list and album cover.

Daffodils is a 9-track album by the afro/r&b/soul singer, known in real life as Celestine Agropah.

Upon the release of the project cover, many asked yourself what informed the woman decision, but your woman gave regarding the woman choice of the album’s title.

“Daffodils are spring bouquets that symbolise vitality, hope, positivity and joy. They signify resilience and a new start as they are little remainders who have ripped through the winter storms; an admiration internet marketing alive, ” she disclosed.

Typically the album is a representation of the twist and converts of her life. Kafui Chordz further revealed, “I can correspond with the meaning of the daffodil flower because I have had the capacity to weather difficult and challenging times where My partner and i emerged stronger, better, more beautiful and happier. The life of the daffodil flower resonates with mine and i also know many people can relate too. ”

Fans will consider forward to ten solos, yet amazing songs on Daffodils, while Worlasi made the cut as the only presented artist on the 9-track project.

Typically the diversity of the records are also evident in the distinct productions from Mike Millz on Em, Luigi TWGT, Dob Music, Daniee Pro, Beat Animal, WHITE CHAPEL ( Nee Mantse, Babyyaw, Cosmos Mens, Joshua Moszi, Dave Merlington), Spon Keys and Enid, with major mixing and perfecting credits to Qube.

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