Folks No Black Person in Heaven - Prophet Daniel Kwateng


"There will be no black man in heaven, inch states Prophet Daniel Kwateng Cobby Collins.

The founder and head of Strength Revelation Chapel, Forecaster Daniel Kwateng, also referred to as Agya Dan, has mentioned that if heaven exists, no Black man will be permitted to enter.

He uncovered this shocking thought while preaching the term of God to his audience, which astonished the whole members.

No Black man, not even preachers of God's phrase, whether ordained as a Bishop, Forecaster, or Archbishop, would be able to enter God's empire, he mentioned obviously.

"There will be no black person in heaven" : Prophet Kwateng, Daniel

Cobby Collins is a musician who is well-known for a few hrs ago news

The particular creator and mind of Power is Prophet Daniel Kwateng, generally known as Agya Lalu.

Keke Tochukwu, Nollywood's "Tallest Man, inch Wonderful Wife, Effah Gideon, Have Offered Birth To A new Beautiful Daughter

Keke Tochukwu, Nollywood's "tallest man, " and his wife, Effah Gideon, have given birth to a lovely baby girl. Specifically 14 hours Nollywood's tallest man, Keke Tochukwu, is the most recent father in town, after his lovely wife provided birth to a bouncing daughter at a late hours on April 16, 2022.

Her given name was Oluebubechukwu. Congratulations to Keke and his better half.

The actor published images of his wife with the woman large baby pooch in the Instagram account and uncovered;

"Please assist myself and praise Our god for the safe delivery (Oluebubechukwu) Congrats to Me and My Heart @cececoncy21"

Keke Tochukwu, Nollywood's "tallest man, inch and his better half, Effah Gideon, have given birth to a lovely baby woman.

Easter Is actually a Celebration For Satan Nevertheless Not Jesus Christ-Pastor Morrison Blast Orlando believers

Osomafo Morrison, a work messenger, has announced the next: "Easter is a vacation or season committed to the Empress, never to Emmanuel Christ Christ, because so many Christian believers believe.

Within an exclusive interview with DISC JOCKEY Active on Lively Tv, Active1 radio stations, and activenewsonline. possuindo, he mentioned that

He highlighted that almost all our Christian worships and customs focus on Satan and idols somewhat than Emmanuel (Jesus Christ), which this has greatly written for the tumble of God's mind in our Orlando fraternity.

He moves on to declare "Most Christians today are deluded, exalting and celebrating Satan rather than Emmanuel Christ and the Ay Spirit.

Justin Manley, A Suspect Within the Murder Of Youthful Dolph, Was Sentenced To Two Yrs In Prison Regarding Violating His Leitspruch.

On the parole infringement, one of the suspects in the murder of overdue rap sensation Youthful Dolph was sentenced to two years in jail. Based on Action News 5, Justin Johnson shattered the phrases of his release from prison, which came about from a prior firearms charge.

"Not being regularly utilized, missing necessary medication screens and treatment, failing to get authorization before departing the jurisdiction, and being arrested" were among the list of offences Manley was charged with. Johnson had "squandered" the multiple opportunities provided to your pet to show his life around, according to Judge Mark Norris, who passed down the punishment. Among the potential foods in the killing of late artist Young Dolph has been sentenced to 2 years in prison.

U. T. Marshals apprehended Mr. bieber Johnson in The month of january following a car he or she was driving in was stopped in Indiana. Johnson, who had been on the run for nearly a 30 days, was charged with first-degree murder, tried first-degree murder, and theft of things worth $10, 000–$60, 000 in relationship with Dolph's loss of life. Cornelius Smith, who was arrested together with Johnson, has already been charged with close murder in the death of Youthful Dolph, while Shundale Barnett, who was arrested with Manley, has been recharged with after-the-fact item to first-degree homicide.

Young Dolph killed within an ambush while shopping at Makeda's Homemade Cookies in his hometown of Memphis in Nov 2021. During his death, the artist was 36 years old.

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