We require a "Benevolent Dictator" If Ghana May Progress - Kwami Sefa Kayi Declares


Host of Peacefulness FM's morning -panel discussion programme 'Kokrokoo', Kwami Sefa Kayi, affectionately called Chief General, has recommended for a 'dictatorial' rule for Bekwai, ghana in order for the populace to be disciplined and the country to advance.

To Kwami Sefa Kayi, the democracy Ghana is practicing is not great for the region.

He made this argument while examining the behavior of the citizenry and the underperformance of the leadership towards the progress Bekwai, ghana.

While moderating the Thursday edition of the show with a panel in the people of Dr. Benjamin Otchere-Ankrah, a Governance Lecturer at the Key University, and the Member of Legislative house for Bortianor-Ngleshie Amanfro, Sylvester Tetteh, there was concerns over some residents at Weija erecting buildings at buffer zones in the neighborhood.

The panelists considered why the Comunitario Chief Executive (MCE) of the area has overlooked the buildings which has been constructed at unauthorized places and discussed the difficulties in demolishing them.

Aside this matter, there were concerns over some other unauthorized activities of Ghanaians, which when the authorities get started to act consequently to bring the culprits to publication, there is also a political play against those who want the right thing to be done.

In view of this, Leader General came to a conclusion that Ghana is ''a crime scene. Typically the whole country is a crime arena! ''

To him or her, "the democracry we are practicing today won't help us" and believed the only way the country will experience the change it needs; "we desire a benevolent dictator".

Discipline Lawyers Who Scandalise The Courts In Social websites - AKTIENGESELLSCHAFT Explains

Godfred Yeboah Dame, Attorney Standard and Minister of Justice, is promoting for legal representatives who attack the surfaces and judges on social media when judgments do not get in their favor, particularly with the high profile personal cases to be punished.

According to him, such execute by members of the line and their vicious reviews are plainly completely wrong.

He said, the perpetrators of such acts do not relent in hoping to push a certain narrative down the throat of the unsuspecting public.

Communicating at the seat, bar and teachers conference in Accra on Thursday September 21, the AKTIENGESELLSCHAFT stated, “My Head of the family Chief Justice, one would have thought that all legal representatives would have considered good thing about the digital revolution, which My spouse and i have spoken about this morning, to consolidate the value on this legal profession and it is role in the affairs of the state of hawaii.

“On the counter, recent developments divulge systematic attempts by certain lawyers, often belonging to a side of the political divide to deploy social advertising to denigrate the administration of rights through poisoning and caustic attacks on judgements of the courts, all be it unjustified. This kind of is often made worse in commentary on so-called political conditions where some legal representatives perceive the results to have far-reaching consequences for the objectives of personal parties they understand. ”

He included, “faced with damaging rulings, some legal representatives go to the rather farcical amount of actually promoting for the abolishing or scrapping our courts.

“The most deplorable thing about such endeavour is the fact many times their vicious comments are plainly wrong yet the propagators of these wrong and dangerous ideas do not relent in their efforts to enhance them down the throat of unsuspecting public.

“Such disreputable practice on the part of some legal representatives further becomes an inducement to folks who are not participants of the legal profession to establish even more fierce, ferocious and illogical strikes on the judiciary.

“This conduct is evidently despicable as it has the ultimate tendency to destroy the condition of institutions of justice delivery in Ghana. Such performs should cause calamité inflicted on the legal representatives making an attempt. ”

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