E-levy: Mobile Money Orders Drop By Fifty Percent

Mobile money transactions has apparently dropped significantly pursuing the implementation of the Electronic Orders Levy (E-Levy) which started on, may 1st, 2022.

Primarily based on reports, there has been significant withdrawals a day after the enactment of the electronic digital tax.

Public Contact Officer of the Mobile Money Agencies Association of Bekwai, ghana, Joshua Edmundson in an interview on Adom FM’s morning hours show, Dwaso Nsem Monday said MoMo transactions have slipped by fifty percent.

He / she explained that, shortage of satisfactory knowledge is to pin the consequence on for the tension withdrawals by customers.

Mr. Edmundson said that, deposits, withdrawals/cashouts and savings on MoMo wallets have been afflicted by the new duty policy.

“The market has created 1 ) 5 million job opportunities so there is the desire for federal to help people sustain the mobile money business” he / she bemoaned.

Mr. Edmundson indicated that, the feedback from the general public after the E-levy enactment is enough attestation that majority of Ghanaians lack understanding.

He appealed to government to accentuate education and people sensitization to clear the doubts in the minds of Ghanaians.

“I consider with public education and learning these panic withdrawals will stop. I would like urged my providers not to panic” Mr. Edmundson additional.

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E-Levy Deductions: ‘The Most severe Is Yet In order to Come’ – Mike George

Ningo-Prampram legislator, Sam George has chastised the federal government over what he or she describes as weak implementation of the controversial E-levy which started today May possibly 1, 2022.

This comes after quite a few complaints on sociable media about invoicing challenges with the new system. Several mobile users say despite assurances by the government that transactions below GH¢100 will be taxes free, they have still been strike with the demand.

Commenting on the development, Sam George who had expected the implementation of levy was heading face challenges seen: “GRA have you noticed the many complaints and clutter in your setup of the ridiculous e-Levy? Is this the best May possibly Day present you can give to the hardworking Ghanaian people on account of President Tata Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo?

“My colleague, the Honourable John Ampontuah Kumah, Deputy Ressortchef (umgangssprachlich) for Finance who loudly called me personally a liar for saying that the configuration of the system was problematic and that the GRA and Ministry are not ready should bow his mind in shame”.

He or she stressed: “I informed area that even GH¢50 transactions would be charged the one 5% e-Levy due to the nature of implementation. I also said the change APIs was not set up and deployed and so even when people are mistakenly charged, there’s no remedy. Here we are!

“An plunging illegality of your setup is what our company is witnessing in an attempt to anger the injunction situation in court.

“This mess is with onnet transactions wow, wait for an real damage when the offnet & interoperability start. The worst is yet to come. Pray for Ghana”.

Meanwhile, the Bekwai, ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) states it is ready for the take off of the controversial garnishment.

Within a statement, The particular GRA said “The Authority assures the general public that sufficient measures have been put in spot to ensure the smooth implementation of the Levy”.

The particular statement added: “GRA has held several technical sessions and engagements with the various charging agencies (Electronic Money Companies, Banks, Payment Providers, and Specialised Deposit-taking Institutions) on the implementation of the E-Levy, with the purpose of ensuring that the charging entities are in a situation to implement the Garnishment by the credited date”.

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E-levy: Godfred Dame’s Comment "Pathetic, Disparaging And Dishonest"; We all Shall Take More than The Streets When... - Okudzeto Ablakwa

NDC Member of Parliament for Northern Tongu, Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa states the party will collect its supporters to demonstrate against the already implemented E-levy in case their case in the courtroom is thrown away.

His comment comes after the Lawyer General filed a reaction to the Minority’s injunction to restrain the federal government from implementing the E-Levy policy.

The Lawyer General, Godfred Hie, has said that parliament formed a quorum when the E-Levy policy was passed in Mar this year.

Based to him, a total number of 266 Members of Parliament were present throughout the second reading of the coverage.

He added that, “voting was by a voice election and therefore accusations about the amount present are negligible. ”

But, Mister Okudzeto Ablakwa referred to Mr Dame’s remarks as ‘pathetic, disparaging and dishonest’.

Within a Facebook post, the lawmaker said the minority seeks to stand upward from the government as Article 3 of the 1992 Metabolism demands, adding that should they fall short in court, they will take to the streets.

“The only antidote for bullies and despots is to endure up and deal with them as Content 3 of the 1992 Constitution needs of us. We all need to endure up to them in the Best Court on Wed the 4th of May; if we strangely fail in the courts as the Majority Team Leader and other NPP officials are curiously predicting, we need to take over the roadways, ” he said.

This is the day the Akufo-Addo government is determined to show Ghanaians and the world precisely how lawless, undemocratic and tyrannical they are by going ahead to wickedly impose the unconstitutional E-Levy.

However they underestimate the rage and resolve of Ghanaians.

We have browse the pathetic, disparaging and dishonest reaction of the Lawyer General to our case in the courtroom — he absurdly seeks refuge in voice votes as though constitutional maturité thresholds don’t apply at voice votes. He or she very much is aware that regardless of the voting method in parliament— either by tone, headcount or magic formula ballot, the same constitutional quorum specifications apply.

Or is The AG — government’s principal legal adviser, claiming to have some unnatural powers capable of miraculously adding Adwoa Safo and Kojo Kum’s voices to a voice election whilst they were both not in the chamber of parliament present and voting? Surely, this defence and government’s infamous Neutrality Permitting will keenly contend for Ghana’s Many Ridiculous Award of the Decade.

The particular only antidote for bullies and despots is to stand and confront them as Article 3 of the 1992 Constitution demands people.

We shall endure up to them in the Best Court on Wed the 4th of May; if we strangely fail in the courts as the Majority Team Leader and other NPP officials are curiously predicting, we shall take over the streets — what Nana Akufo-Addo (as he then was) did to the Rawlings federal government in 1995 with his VAT kumepreko demonstrations would be looked at child’s play when historical comparisons are manufactured. Don’t you cause havoc on our unflinching resolve as the people’s associates to stand with the suffering many our country.

We all refuse to be counted among the leaders who shateringly betrayed the Ghanaian people.

Governmental lawlessness and State-sponsored vandalization of our own Constitution will be defeated!

Our own fervent prayer on this Sabbath day which the Master commands us in Exodus 20: 7 to keep ay but has regrettably been violently desecrated by iniquitous vendors of your unconstitutional E-Levy is quite simple: “May God help all of us resist oppressor’s principle. ”

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