80% of Ghanaian film Directors and Producers will like to chop you before giving you script - Queen Enyonam.

Jennifer Enyonam Vivor, popularly known as Queen Enyonam rerevealed this on the SHOWBIZ BUTIC, an entertainment show on Omega 91.1fm on Saturday,  19th December, 2020.

According to the actress, she has worked with both Nigerian and Ghanaian  film directors and producers for about 8 years  but from her experience in the two industries,  it's a "Wahala" for a lady to work with Ghanaian film directors because about 80% of them would demand for sex before given you the script even if they know you have the talent to be able to deliver well on the script.

Queen Enyonam was worried about the progress of the Ghanaian movie industry because, she feels the directors focus more on what they can get in between the thighs of ladies than the talent they have.

Miss Enyonam also made it clear that, whenever one speaks up about this "Sex For Roles" in the movie industry,  that person is blacklisted and tagged as a bad and disrespectful lady and for that reason,  even good directors wont call you for roles because you're painted black to them for denying them sex for script. Queen Enyonam also alleged that,  some directors go to the extent of extorting money from characters on set. According to Enyonam,  she has evidence and names of all those who are involved in that act and at the right time, everyone will know  them. 

The topic for discussion on the show was "Is sex for roles in the movie industry a perception or reality "?. In sharing their opinion on the topic,  other actresses were contacted and they advised that, movie directors should focus more on talents than what they will get in between their legs. 

Speaking with Mawuse Aful, known as BossQueen, she confirmed that sex for role in the movie industry is not a perception because,  she was a victim.  She boldly said that, she is strong advocate against that act despite all the back lashes.

According to Lydia Ayiku aka Mamalistic, though she had not experienced that before on set, she has many female friends who complained about that evil act and feels that is killing many talents since one's talent is determined by the number of times she can "open her legs" but not how well she can perform.  Mamalistics advised young and upcoming actresses not to be desperate for fame but rather work hard to earn whatever they want.


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