Breaking News: Party Hit Maker, Akydie Yao Is Set to unleash His Awaited Song Titled Love calculator.

Love calculator by Akydie Yao (produce By Nelsononit)

Ghanaian singer Akydie Yao who recently come out with a song titled party which was really a hit song, has finally decided to bless his fans with a new single Which he titled this one Love calculator.

After dropping Awurama and Party, Akyedie Yao sets ready his next single which close fans have chased him for over three months, but its mind-buggling title leaves a lot of relationship questions most or every partner just can't answer right.

Two thrown at you now: how much do you love your partner and in which scaling unit is that much measured? Of course, today's relationships are based on benefits and love can't be really calibrated, yet Akyedie Yao asks in "Love Calculator" that "how much does your girlfriend love you"? Probably she fakingly loves you just for the money or comfort.

"Love Calculator" is a troubling song 😡! Many will dance to it for its sweet afrobeats tones, but the lyrics taken into deep contemplation will get most guys wanting to figure out the percentage availability of their girlfriend's love for them and that's where the heart monitoring and trust troubles begin. 🤣+🤔+🥱.

While you too might want to hear "Love Calculator" sooner or right now to even add it to your season's playlist, then oops😜!!! Akyedie Yao still keeps us all in a twisting suspense. The single is not a December release, he has scheduled it for an early first quarter release 2021. January or February, he teased.

We at are impatiently hoping to chance on a few pre-release snippets of "Love Calculator" on Akyedie Yao's media timelines to either laugh off his silly curiosity or contemplate on the hard sense the song makes.

Production credit goes to Nelsononit which he is Akydie Yao person producer

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