Sad News : One dead at Tema after truck crashed toll booth  

 One dead at Tema after truck crashed toll booth  

Source : Opera News

A truck driver coming from Trasaco could not limit his speed before reaching the toll, and ended up ploughing into other cars this morning, at Tema. The truck which was not loaded with load, because it went to do offloading, could not stop its speed. The driver found out his breaks were out, when he was trying to hold on to his breaks at Apewa, before the toll. Apewa is a flower joint by the roadside, when coming from Accra. It was named after the man who started selling flowers there, in the early 2000. Residents named it after the man, when he died. The name has since remain that, since 2001.

The driver was driving on 60km/h, on the 100km/h road when he reached Apewa. He started holding onto his breaks after reaching Apewa, so he can slow down for the Toll, but the breaks wasn't working. He tried over eight times, and no responses came from the car to stop. He started sounding it's horns so cars can come to his rescue, and pave way for him through the traffic. Whiles he was sounding his horns, was when angry drivers were shouting at him. The truck attendant tried using his hands to tell drivers to move out of the way for him, but they all took him for jokes. 

A motorcycle rider who was following the truck from four cars behind, sensed the truck struggles whiles other drivers were shouting at him to slow down. Some drivers even tried overtaking the truck, so they can be in front of him at the Toll, but the motorcycle rider came in to help. The rider who was four cars away, tried to speed up to catch the truck, and it was there the truck attendant told him their breaks were not working. 

The rider did all he could, and speed up to push cars away from the truck's lane, ahead of the toll gate. The truck was just 300m away, when the rider came to help. Some drivers got to know when the rider drove past them, directing them to use the other lane, whiles the truck can make easy pass at the toll. A Toyota hilux pickup could not get away in time, when the truck got to the Toll Gate. The truck hit the back of the hilux slightly, before been saved of a major casualties. The truck driver tipped it's right side to the pickup, which ended saving the truck. The pickup slowed the truck but, couldn't stop it from crashing the third toll booth. 

The truck went into the direction of the third Toll Gate, after hitting the back of the pickup hilux. The mate of the truck couldn't survive and died instantly, because of the crash. His side was what hit the third Toll Gate the most. The truck driver hit his head on the steering wheel, when the truck crushed the toll. He was taken to the Tema General Hospital for treatment. The same pickup the truck crashed slightly from behind, was the car that took the truck driver to the hospital. 

Police are yet to respond to the scene to assist with traffic management, and driving the truck out of the road. Drivers using the motorway are been cautioned to slow down, as traffic increases on the road this afternoon. The motorcycle rider was applauded for his bravery, as the truck would have crashed a lot of cars, if it wasn't for him who alerted other drivers to live away from the way. 

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