My Stubbornness Has Taught Me A Lesson - Pamela Watara


My Stubbornness Has Taught Me A Lesson – Pamela Watara

Ghanaian socialite and video vixen, Pamela Watara, has said that she has learnt a vast lesson from her stubbornness and some life choices she made some years ago.

In an interview, Pamela confessed that she was an obstinate girl around the age of 18 and 19 and thought she was living a perfect life but now she has regretted the things she did.

The actress admitted that she was dreaming of becoming a nurse but since she followed friends and listen to their advice, that dream has been waved off.

According to her, she taught she was playing people badly but now realize she was playing with her own life.

“My stubbornness has taught me a lesson because I could have become a nurse easily since I was good at Biology and Chemistry. I, therefore, accept that I am 80% to blame for not becoming a nurse”, she said.

Source: Mybrytfmonline/Abba Kwegyirba Aggrey

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