Akuapem Poloo's Sentence A Lesson To Girls Who Share Everything On Social Media - Bishop Salifu Amoako

Organizer and Leader of Alive Chapel International, Bishop Dr. Elisha Salifu Amoako 

The Founder and Leader of the Alive Chapel International, Bishop Dr. Elisha Salifu Amoako has approached young ladies who have taken to online media to post their bareness and offer their insider facts to the world to take in an exercise from the quandary of Rosemond Brown, referred to in showbiz as Akuapem Poloo. 

As per him, the detainment of Akuapem Poloo ought to be a reminder and a worry for Ghanaians particularly the youngsters who are via online media showing everything about themselves to the world. 

"What has happened is a worry for all Ghanaians. When something occurs, we need to gain from it. What has befallen Akuapem Poloo is an exercise to all Ghanaians particularly our youngsters who are consistently via web-based media showing their exposure, their privileged insights, and every little thing about them," he forewarned. 

Addressing the media last Sunday in his office with respect to Akuapem Poloo's jail sentence, Bishop Salifu Amoako cautioned against some hostile exercises that Ghanaians do yet move away from the paws of the law. 

He focused on that it is even an offense to post somebody's photos via online media without the individual's assent; along these lines, there are such countless laws in the country that numerous Ghanaians don't know about yet it doesn't prevent the laws from being dynamic when they are being brought up in court. 

As far as he might be concerned, the Judge essentially did her sacred obligation after Akuapem Poloo herself conceded with the full assent of her legal advisor to the charges brought against her by the Prosecutor. 

"The issue is that when Akuapem Poloo went to court she confessed to every one of the charges against her, and those charges she argued to are illegal and since it is the illegal, at that point the Judge has the option to articulate judgment as per the law," he expressed. 

He, nonetheless, exhorted that, "the way that it is a free stage and you can manage the cost of a sound representative for work the medium ought not permit you to ruin others via online media. We have laws against this activity since, in such a case that you affront me via online media, I reserve the privilege to sue you for annihilating my picture". 

He further urged Akuapem Poloo to create the best out of her circumstance as she can hold onto the second to compose a book about her jail insight and even make a profession through her situation. 

He emphasized that she [Akuapem Poloo] ought not consider her to be as a discipline but instead a position of change just as a chance for God to make something happen in her life, helping her to remember how extraordinary men like Joseph in the Bible and Nelson Mandela of South Africa emerged from jail to be incredible men. 

Source: Daniel Adu Darko/Peacefmonline.com

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