Why Break The 8? I Will Probably Make NPP Win Political Race After Political Decision – Boakye Agyarko

A previous Energy Minister Boakye Agyarko has said he has plans to make the New Patriotic Party (NPP) the prevailing power in the Political space with the goal that the party can win political decision after political race. 

Adding his voice to the breaking the 8 mantra of the NPP, Mr Agyarko who is accepted to have an official desire, addressed why the aspiration has been restricted to just breaking the 8. 

The arrangement, he said should zero in on supported political office. 

Tending to representatives of the NPP in the Eastern Region on Sunday October 17, he said "We talk about breaking the 8, which 8. Breaking which 8? In this way, subsequent to breaking the 8 what next, are we giving over the NDC, in no way, shape or form. My expectation for this party is to turn into the predominant political power in our political space so that there will be no challenger to the NPP in any political decision that we go so every political decision, political race after political decision, we will keep on remaining in power 

He further let the agents know that the NPP endured a ton in the 2020 races albeit despite the fact that triumph came their direction. 

He told agents of the NPP in the Eastern Region on Sunday October 17 that the quantities of the president dropped definitely in the 2020 surveys when contrasted with what he had in the 2016 races. 

Additionally, he said, the NPP wasted the mind-boggling larger part it controlled in Parliament and is presently on a similar level with the National Democratic Congress (NDC). 

Going into the 2024 decisions, Mr Agyarko told the party allies and delegates particularly in the Eastern Region not to bomb the NPP. 

"We battled in the races, in one political race we lost 32 seats, in one political race the official greater part dropped by 500,000 votes. That is an obvious sign that we have a great deal of work to do. The work relies upon Eastern Region , we need to guarantee that this doesn't not happen in the following political decision. 

He further guaranteed that he will attempt to guarantee the party keeps on remaining in office political race after political race. 

"Whatever help Boakye Agyarko should give, I will do precisely that," said.

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