Breaking News: It's the year of Roads: The Government Is Financially troubled - Former Ejisu Parliamentarian

Mr Kwabena Aduomi, an Ashanti regional chairman candidate and former Member of Parliament (MP) for the Ejisu Constituency in the Ashanti Region, has revealed that the government does not have the funds to pay road contractors. 

The government's much-touted plans to upgrade road infrastructure, he claims, may not be feasible. 

In a Kumasi interview, he stated that the government requires additional funding in order to carry out the promise of the Year of Roads. 

"The reality is that the government, as they have stated, does not have enough money to pay contractors. Another motivation for the implementation of the E-levy was to allow them to pay off their obligations. 

"Our roads are the biggest difficulty in the Ashanti region." Take, for example, Kwabre roads. The truth is that road construction projects have been awarded.

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