We Need peace and Unity in our industry One of our Biggest Problem-Fatgraphix

Award winning Graphic designer fatgraphix who seems to be the best Graphic designer in Africa putting Ghana and Africa forward has lament and add his taught about the unity and peace in our country (Ghana)

He stated that Ghana music industry lack of unity and peace to survive, you need the trade and the tricks, but once you have the tricks it can take you maybe two years and two albums, but you need to learn the trade so professionalism

He also pointed out that “religion has done amazingly well with education, health and things like that but also breaks people apart. The more spiritual we are the more together we are, spirituality is about inclusion, so when you become me and I become you, I don’t need to tell you not to chase my wife”
He also stated that ghanian Artist don't appreciate the hardworks of their personalities
He also encourage Western region up and coming Artist to cooperate together and bring joy to the Almighty mother Land

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