Whole Life Insurance Companies


Whole Life Insurance Companies 

Looking for a whole life policy? “If you have an existing relationship with a financial institution that offers whole life insurance, that may be an excellent place to start,” Adams says. “In some cases, bundling life with other coverages, such as home, renters, or auto, can save money.” 

State Farm 

State Farm offers whole life policies, along with term and universal life insurance. The company scores well in terms of customer satisfaction, but it doesn’t offer any life insurance discounts. With State Farm, you have the option to pay for your entire policy in one lump sum (called single premium life insurance), to pay regular premiums up to age 100, or to pay premiums for a set number of years that you and the company agree upon. 


Progressive can give you a quote for whole life insurance online. But be advised that the company’s customer satisfaction is something of a mixed bag and it doesn’t offer any life insurance discounts. 


Nationwide does offer a bundling discount if you pair your life insurance policy with a home and/or auto policy from the company. It also offers a number of different riders, which allow you to add features to your life insurance policy (like coverage for long-term care) in exchange for a higher premium. Nationwide has two premium options: pay until you’re 100 or pay for 20 years. Their customer service reviews are fairly average. 

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